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Rico, Mariano; Camacho, David; Corcho, Óscar

A contribution-based framework for the creation of semantically-enabled web applications Journal Article

Inf. Sci., 180 (10), pp. 1850-1864, 2010.

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Rico, Mariano; Camacho, David; Corcho, Óscar

Personalized Handling of Semantic Data with MIG Inproceedings

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Rico, Mariano; Camacho, David; Corcho, Óscar

VPOET Templates to Handle the Presentation of Semantic Data Sources in Wikis Inproceedings

SemWiki, 2009.

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Rico, Mariano; Camacho, David; Corcho, Óscar

VPOET: Using a Distributed Collaborative Platform for Semantic Web Applications Journal Article

CoRR, abs/0806.1361 , 2008.

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Martínez, Rafael; Cebrián, Manuel; de Rodríguez, Francisco Borja; Camacho, David

Contextual Information Retrieval based on Algorithmic Information Theory and Statistical Outlier Detection Journal Article

CoRR, abs/0711.4388 , 2007.

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Camacho, David; Moreno, Marí­a Dolores Rodriguez

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Proceedings of the International e-Conference of Computer Science (IeCCS 2006), pp. 34-38, VSP/Brill Academic Publishers, 2007.

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Camacho, David; López, Miguel Angel; Aler, Ricardo

Designing Flexible Software Components for Automatic Information Extraction in Web Agents Inproceedings

International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technology and Internet Commerce, Vienna, Austria, 2003.

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Camacho, David; López, Miguel A; Aler, Ricardo

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