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1-Faculty/Staff / Camacho, David

David Camacho is currently working as Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). He is the founder and head of the Applied Intelligence & Data Analysis Group ( He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science (2001) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and a B.S. in Physics (1994) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has published more than 150 journals, books, and conference papers. His research interests include Data Mining (Clustering), Computational Intelligence (mainly in Evolutionary Computation: GA & GP, Swarm Intelligence: ACO algorithms), Multi- Agent Systems & DSS (Unmanned Air Vehicles) and Videogames.

Contact Information

  • Institute: Departamento de Ingenierí­a Informática. Escuela Politécnica Superior. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  • Address: C/Francisco Tomás y Valiente 11, 28049 Madrid, Spain
  • Office: B-433
  • Phone Number: +34 91 497-2288
  • Email: david.camacho (you know what symbol goes here)

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